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Last Updated: Mar 22, 2017 09:02PM UTC

I understand AutoCAD 360 operates and stores my drawings in the cloud. What’s the main benefit of this?


The most important benefit is having access to your drawings wherever you are on nearly any device (web browser, mobile devices, or desktop computer)—all without the need to install and maintain software on those devices. Cloud services also make it easier to collaborate and share your designs with others.


Where does AutoCAD 360 store my data?


AutoCAD 360 uses Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), a leading service provider in data hosting and security.


Is my data safe?


Amazon Web Services offer the highest levels of security certification and accreditation, and operate in accordance with security best practices. For more information, visit


How secure is the data when I upload to AutoCAD 360?


All AutoCAD 360 drawings are fully encrypted using HTTPS with a 256-bit SSL certificate, the same industry-standard protocol used by international banks and Internet payment services for the transmission of sensitive business data.


What if I don’t want to store my AutoCAD 360 designs on Amazon’s servers?


AutoCAD 360 also allows you to store, view, and edit your files with other external storage solutions, including Dropbox,, Buzzsaw, or even your own hosted Sharepoint site or file server.


Will others have access to my drawings?


AutoCAD 360 is designed to be both highly secure and collaborative. Only those who you’ve explicitly granted access to can view your drawings.


Once I’ve granted access to someone to view a drawing, is it possible to revoke their access?


Yes. For example, you can invite a client or group of colleagues to view and comment on your drawing. Later you can remove the share, and the drawing will no longer be accessible to them.


What kinds of permissions can I control when sharing a drawing using AutoCAD 360?


There are four possible combinations for permissions when sharing an AutoCAD 360 drawing:

  • Edit and Download: User(s) can edit a drawing and download it for editing offline.

  • Edit Only: User(s) can edit the drawing, but cannot download it.

  • Download Only: User(s) cannot edit the original drawing, but can add to the drawing and mark it up (without changing any of the existing objects).

  • No Edit and No Download: User(s) can only add to the drawing and mark it up (without changing any of the existing objects), but will not be able to download the drawing.



Can permissions be set on an individual basis when sharing a drawing with multiple people?




I typically share my designs using FTP or email. Is sharing with AutoCAD 360 safer than this?


Sharing with AutoCAD 360 is safer than FTP. FTP does not use the modern, industry-standard security provisions of HTTPS used by AutoCAD 360. Similarly, some email clients like Yahoo! also do not use the HTTPS security protocol, making AutoCAD 360 a more secure sharing option. AutoCAD 360 offers the same level of security as email clients that do utilize the HTTPS security protocol (e.g. Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, and Hotmail).

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